Thursday, May 10, 2012

20 days of WoW: favorite WoW moment

After much thought, I think my favorite WoW moments would have to be when I finally take the plunge and do something that I am afraid of. Typically this is entering Dungeon finder for the first time on a new toon, or a toon who has never run instances before, as was the case last night. I finally brought Goetia the rogue out of retirement and ran some normal Cata dungeons with her. I'm glad Recount wasn't working for some reason because I'm sure I was awful (let's just say that I went through one boss before remembering to put poison on her weapons...). But by the end of the evening I was feeling the rogueyness again and I think Goetia will be soon be on her way to hitting LFR.

Another plunge was rolling a healer and leveling her up through dungeons. Blatella's first dungeon, Wailing Caverns, was a bit of a disaster, in no small part due to the fact that I hadn't installed VuhDo yet to help with heals. But she made it through, and now at level 79 I feel that she is a competent healer. We'll see how she does with the Cata content, though.

Next topic: favorite item in game...


  1. Great post! I think for me, it's that excitement that happens once you finally kill something that's been kicking your butt for a long time. Be it a raid boss, a 5 man that you're doing for the first time, or even a pesky PvP person who keeps stalking you in a BG!

  2. I'm not in a raiding guild so I have yet to experience the joy of downing a boss after many tries. Still, killing Deathwing on LFR for the first time felt pretty good!