Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inner conflict*

Formerly a priestess of the Light and a healer in the old City of Lordaeron, it seemed natural that Blatella continue to use her gift after her transformation. There was nothing for her in Eastern Kingdoms, so she travelled across the sea and made her new home in the Horde city of Orgrimmar. From here she could continue her studies on Inscription as well as advertising her skills as a healer. For some time she soothed the wounds of fighters as they vanquished evils from dungeons all over the world, and even beyond the Dark Portal. It was a good life, providing ample gold to live and allowing Blatella to feel that she had maintained some of her humanity and faith.

But the dark was always pulling at her, weighing on her mind and soul as she left the dungeons for the day and settled into a cozy nook at the Wyvern's Tale. A few mugs of Frog's Venom brew was just potent enough to drive the darkness away, sinking her into a deep dreamless sleep. But such relief was fleeting.

A newly minted level 80, Blatella accompanied a platoon of orcs on an ill-fated mission to the bottom of the sea.

Amidst the disaster, a representative of the Earthen Ring. Could Blatella use her Holy power in their battle against the Naga? Could she assist in the rescue of their captives?

And so she fought.

And aided those in need when she could.

She explored the sunken land of Vashj'ir.

So beautiful! But so treacherous as well: she died many times on her travels through this watery land. She could heal, and she could kill, her Holy Words were strong and deadly. but she could be killed too easily. And so her thoughts turned to the dark again, stronger than ever before. Power! She wanted power! She knew exactly how that could be accomplished. It would be so easy...

She went back to Orgrimmar and made the necessary preparations. And for the first time ever, she cast her Holy ways aside, temporarily she told herself. But when she took the shadowform, the surge of power she felt, strong and confident, was more electric than 100 Frog's Venom brews. It felt like this was what she was meant to be, what she was always been meant to be.

She was shadow.

*For more information on Inner Conflict, check out the above song. RIP Peter Steele.

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