Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday wrapup

Taking a break from the 20 days of WoW posts to catch up with my toons after a busy weekend...

I don't like to toot my horn too loudly, but let's just say that Wapsi did an awesome job on Warmaster Blackhorn (DPS meter to the right). Sure, it's mostly a stand and smash with some minor getting out of fire, but it was great to watch her rising up the meter as the fight progressed and then holding it, holding it, holding it until the Warmaster finally went down! Aside from that though, LFR was a bit of a frustrating experience this week with not a single drop. See that troll enhancement shaman in the lovely midriff-baring ensemble to my right? He got both drops I needed on the second half of LFR, the tier head token and my second No'Kaled. For No'Kaled, he was the only player who needed besides me. RNG still hates me!

Blatella the undead priest dinged 80 and continues to make a killing on the AH with her glyphs! Not wanting to start healing Cata dungeons in ilevel 250-ish gear, she is actually doing some questing in Hyjal, and tonight will enter Vashj'ir because she must have the Medusoid staff. For a dyed-in-the-wool healer, she's not doing that bad at DPS, especially once she remembered that Holy Word: Chastise thing.

Blatella also leveled her Herbalism in Northrend prior to entering the Cata zones, enjoying the views in Howling Fjord and Sholazar Basin. It made me think that I've been playing a heck of a lot of dungeons lately, not only with Blatella, and should really get out and quest and enjoy the world a bit more. Maybe with my long-neglected many-times-race-changed-first-main hunter?

Panthalassa switched to her mail heirlooms, got level 40 riding, tinkered away at some Engineering and ran a few dungeons.

And hey, Boomhoof got her leather int heirlooms back and went back into dungeons with a couple of weeks of rested XP! She's now up to level with Pantha, and I plan to continue leveling them neck-in-neck.

Which brings me to a question for any caster-types who may happen to be reading: when during leveling does caster-class DPS rise out of the gutter? Both Boomhoof (boomkin) and Pantha (elemental shaman) are nearly always at the bottom of the DPS meter, usually by a substantial amount. Do I just suck at playing casters and need to go back to hitting things with axes?

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