Wednesday, May 9, 2012

20 days of WoW: first day playing

Long, long ago, I housesat for a friend in Arizona, and was getting bored sitting around in the evenings. A friend suggested that I try WoW, so I ordered the Battle Chest from Amazon (containing only Vanilla and Burning Crusade at the time), and promptly rolled Carbuncle the undead warlock. I did some questing in Tirisfal Glades, died a lot, and by the time I made it to Brill had a nice letter from my friend containing the cockroach pet and some tailored cloth gear. But the game didn't really stick with me, primarily because at the time I thought it was way too complicated and I was never going to figure anything out, and in addition was going through some rough times personally and just had too many (crappy) things going on to be able to immerse myself in a game. But during that brief first try, I was very impressed with the visual beauty of the game (as evidenced by the fact that I was already taking screenshots), and although a bit daunted was also intrigued by it's complexity.

About a year ago I found myself in another period of time where I felt like I was sitting around being bored in the evenings, so I went to the Blizzard website and downloaded Vanilla again. This time, although still clueless, I was enjoying climbing the learning curve. A couple of weeks later I bought the rest of the expansions and I've been journeying through Azeroth ever since; I've level capped two toons in the past year and have several alts at various stages. Why was the game more enjoyable this time? Probably in part because of all the online resources, including blogs, that I was able to use as a kind of traveller's guide. In particular, being able to prepare myself for instances, in terms of gear, talents etc as well as strategies for the instances themselves, gave me the confidence to finally start running LFG, which is now my favorite part of the game.

 Day 4: favorite WoW moment

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