Monday, May 21, 2012

Hunter goes to Hyjal

Gallore finished up her Sons of Hodir quests and dinged 80 right as she reached Revered with the faction,  so she left Northrend by mammoth. On her way out, she decided to do a quick check of Skoll's spawn sites and wonder of wonders, there he was! What a cool pet: spirit blue with lightning rolling through his fur!

Still, she wanted one more pet, a corehound. She had her eye on The Kurken, but this would require some dangerous travel to Azuremist Isle, an Alliance zone. Following instructions on Wowhead, she flew across the sea to Rutheran Village, and then hitched a ride to the Exodar. From there it was a quick run up to Stillpine Hold, through some low-level moonkin mobs to the back of the cave, and there he easy tame too, since he's very low level.

Either he or Skoll will likely be her companion (I've named them Behemoth and Boson respectively) through the Cata zones.

Gallore has just started Hyjal, and before leaving Orgrimmar she treated herself to  a new hairdo and a little bit of transmog. She's thinking that blue will look nice with both of her new pets!

Some other thoughts as I've been thoroughly enjoying playing my hunter this week: should I, could I, do Loremaster with her? Of all the toons I have played so far, I enjoy questing on her the most, probably due to the feeling of invincibility with a good pet, the rapidity with which mobs go down, and the fact that nearly all beast mastery hunter abilities are instant cast so there is no waiting through cast times while things beat up on you. I have been interested in trying Loremaster for awhile as I simply enjoy questing and exploring, but recently the draw of acquiring cool transmog items has made me even more excited about the prospect. And then, this post on The Sisterhood of Kia showed up on my feed reader today, and it couldn't have been more timely. Tips for how to actually do Loremaster, yes please! So, if Gallore starts getting tired of running Cata zones, maybe she will make her way to the 4 zones in Kalimdor that she didn't complete while leveling. It sure would be nice to have that title and tabard!

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  1. Sounds like you have a plan formulated. I have to start on Kalimador on my druid soon...she didn't do hardly any questing there so it will be the long haul for me!