Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend update

First, thank you for the link to this blog and all of the others at Newbie Blogging Initiative at Jaded Alt!

Only Wapsi and Gallore got any playtime this weekend. Wapsi ran through LFR and received no loot for the 4th week in a row. Frustrated, she wandered the Cataclysm zones and drank and feasted on anything she could get her hands on, for the Drown Your Sorrows and Cataclysmically Delicious achievements.

Gallore did some pet collecting in the old world, taming U'cha in Un'goro Crater (who has been an excellent tanking pet for questing), Ashtail in Loch Modan and her first exotic pet, the Ironhide Devilsaur (also in Un'goro Crater).

After that she was back to Northrend for some questing in Storm Peaks, particularly seeking out the Sons of Hodir questline as it was rumored to be a lot of fun as well as providing some nice weapons for transmoggery.

There was much prancing around as a well-armed ice giantess....

But it was a little hard on her mount!

I am really enjoying playing my hunter again, but have been sticking to questing this weekend as I've gotten a bit tired of the "huntard" comments in dungeons. Yes I make mistakes, but they seem to take on so much more gravity when you're a hunter. An example: in LFR with Wapsi this weekend, people were absolutely vicious in their criticism of a hunter who may or may not have pulled Morchok early, leading to a wipe. You know, other classes have ranged weapons/spells and are capable of pulling from a distance, it doesn't always have to be the hunter. BUT I'm formulating a whole post on that, so I'll leave the topic be for now...

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