Saturday, May 19, 2012

20 days of WoW: my work/gaming space

This is where I spend a lot of my time when I'm at home. In fact, my boyfriend got the word "wow" on Draw Something and drew a picture of me sitting here, hands on WASD and the mouse. I guessed it right away...

Here's the key to the picture above:
1. My Macbook Pro. I am an unapologetic Mac user. I am forced to use Windows machines for various tasks at work and it always ends in a flurry of profanity, they're so clunky and unreliable compared to Macs, in my humble opinion.
2. A notebook, for taking down phone numbers as well as listing transmog gear I am looking for and items needed for achievements.
3. A cute old calendar that I obtained sometime during my childhood from an uncle in New Mexico.
4. My keys with my authenicator
5. I can't live without a second screen, I need the space for multiple open windows, while gaming or otherwise. I run WoW full screen here, and on my laptop screen will have Chrome open so I can browse Twitter or or look up talent trees or gathering profession routes. iTunes is also often open on the laptop so I can listen to podcasts or music.
6. Various jewelry and trinkets. I collect a lot of jewelry from antique stores.
7. Razer Lycosa keyboard and Naga mouse. I absolutely cannot live without the Naga and the thumb keybinds.
8. I'm a terrible person I know. My nicotine delivery system is never far away.
9. This picture was taken in the afternoon, thus the Diet Coke. In the morning it's coffee, in the evening it's club soda. I am never without a beverage.
10. Type O Negative mousepad, an Xmas gift from my boyfriend. I am perhaps the world's biggest Type O fan. Peter Steele's death a couple of years ago shook me for months.

The weather in my locale has been beautiful, and I've been getting away from the computer to enjoy some time outdoors. I like fishing IRL as much as I like it in WoW!


  1. Your space is so much more organized than mine!

  2. Full disclosure: I tidied it up a bit before I took the picture. Also, you can't see all of the cat hair :)