Thursday, May 24, 2012

As promised, the bucket list

I'm going to restrict this to goals that I have before MoP comes out, so hopefully they will be fairly realistic.

1. Full LFR gear for my enhancement shaman, Wapsi. She's missing 3 tier pieces and 1 No'Kaled, so she still has a ways to go.

2. Ding 85 on my shadow priest Blatella (83) and BM hunter Gallore (81).

3. Ding 85 on my boomkin Boomhoof (48) and elemental shaman Panthalassa (46).

4. Max primary professions on Blatella (herbalism/inscription), Boomhoof (herbalism/enchanting) and Panthalassa (mining/engineering).

5. Max fishing and cooking professions on Blatella, Boomhoof and Panthalassa.

6. Get the "Professor" title for Wapsi (she's Associate now).

7. Get the "Leading the Cavalry" achievement and the Albino Drake for Wapsi (she's at 37/50 mounts now). She will need to grind Horde faction rep for this.

8. Get the "Loremaster of Kalimdor" achievement for Gallore (she has 4 zones left).

9. Get a full set of heirlooms for further leveling- I need the leather agility chest and shoulders, the mail agility chest, and the plate dps shoulders because I accidentally bought the tanking set.

10. This one is a bit iffy: ding 85 on my newly-rolled feral druid Aeshna. This will of course be easier when I complete her heirloom set.

It will be interesting to revisit this list after the expansion comes out, so I can see how much I actually accomplished!

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